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Driving School Parramatta​

Best Driving school in Parramatta NSW 2150. Affordable Driving Lessons in Parramatta. We have driving instructor in parramatta for beginners, overseas licence holder and driving test preparation.

All our instructors teach you the best skills in orders to become a confident driver. Our Aim is quicker you pass your driving test the first time and most importantly be a safe driver for life. we give high quality affordable driving lessons in Parramatta NSW to suit both the beginner drivers and more experienced drivers of all ages and abilities.

Worried about driving? Join Mukhi Driving School today! Whether you’re a nervous beginner, experienced failure or simply looking for a refresher- our friendly approachable style will help you reach your goal. We provide great cheap driving lessons in Parramatta.

driving school parramatta
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Driving Test Preparation​

You will be thoroughly prepared for your practical driving test by our qualified driving instructors near Parramatta region. Before the test, we’ll help you gain confidence and provide the right direction for enhancing your driving abilities. As per the actual Service NSW driving test requirements and evaluation criteria, we will teach you all the skills necessary for manoeuvres like kerb side stop, three-point turns, and parallel reverse parking, covering every little detail. Also read our Tips for Passing Driving Test.

Consider scheduling a Pre-Driving Test Assessment with us so that we can examine you in advance of the test. During your test drive, we will use the appropriate Service NSW test route. You will be assessed for your driving ability and given a score showing whether you are ready for your licence. We will then let you know what areas you need to work on, and a training schedule will be created in response. Do not worry! We are here for you. You might be the next of our students to pass their practical driving test with a perfect score!

Driving Instructor Parramatta​

Looking for a driving Instructor in Parramatta area? Then let Mukhi Driving School help you to pass your driving test the fastest possible time. We have certainly got patient and friendly driving instructor in Parramatta where you live. The quality and the professionalism of all our driving resources we provide to our driving students are second to none. Our driving instructors are fully qualified and RTA approved. We train you to become a competent, confident and a safe driver for lifelong.

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Driving Lessons Parramatta​

We have best driving lessons in parramatta for all people.

We are among the driving schools in Sydney with the quickest growth. The school has trained hundreds of people to drive securely over the years. We have a great reputation and are held in high regard in the community for our professionalism and high passing rates. More than 70% of our customers came to us after being directly referred by friends or members of their family who have successfully passed with us. We consistently receive recommendations from happy clients.

Mukhi Driving School wants to make sure that students go from being intimidated by driving to enjoying it and passing their exam swiftly. You will have the opportunity to experience the freedom that many drivers today enjoy on the road thanks to Mukhi Driving School Parramatta. Our driving instructors take a unique approach to driving lessons that will put you at ease and help you get on the road more quickly, making sure that the experience is enjoyable and unforgettable for all of our learner drivers.

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Thank you Mukhi for all the guidance throughout my driving lessons. It really helped me to pass the driving test. Highly recommend the Mukhi Driving School.
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Hasini Samaraweera
Passed full licence today , it is all because of guidance and motivation from Sir Mukhi. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for a driving school that
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Noor Safrini
I have learnt so much from Mukhi driving in such a short amount of time. Always very punctual to the lessons and very thorough in giving advices and tips.
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Dasong Lee
Thanks for spending your quality time for providing good driving classes and to achieve my goal . I'm happy to report that I passed my driving test on my first go...
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