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I have always been scared of driving. To encourage me, my mum and sister bought me a ten pass learning experience with Mukhi Driving School. I gave it a go and was surprised to see how easy & enjoyable driving can be. Mukhi was friendly, easy going, and always on time. I passed my drivers test on my first go.
Radhika Patel
Mukhi Driving School provides a great service at a competitive price delivering great value to anyone who wishes to get a license – at affordable cost & reasonable length of time. With the help of Mukhi, I set myself a goal to pass my drivers test on the first go after a few sessions. Mukhi Driving School is great!
Vishal Patel
I wish to thank Mustafa from Mukhi Driving School for his knowledgeable input and tutoring that enabled me to pass my driving test on first attempt. Mustafa is a very conscientious and determined tutor with excellent knowledge of what is required to pass the driving test. I highly recommend to anyone intending to take driving lessons to consider doing so with Mustufa from Mukhi Driving School.
Na Xue
Mr. Mukhi is a very talented driving instructor. He has a vast knowledge about each and every rule of driving. He will suggest lessons as per learner's potential and accordingly prepare you for the driving test. He builds lot of confidence in a learner with his excellent teaching. Thank you Mr. Mukhi for building driving confidence in me and keep up the good work. Cheers !!!!
Bhavna Kapoor Singh
Excellent service, very punctual, on time, trustworthy, reliable and a very friendly and flexible service. I was very pleased and fortunate to be taught by an expert driving instructor. I highly recommend him without any hesitation. A++++++ very great service
Simar Gill
I am having my license now , it is purely due to Mustafa Sir. When I started having practice with him, I am scared of driving in the freeways and think how I will drive alone. But his structured lessons and practice improved many things in my driving. Now I am not scared and drive with confidence. He has the beautiful skill of teaching and giving self confidence to the learner’s. It is not only the teaching that does this, he also has the care for each individual learner’s. I recommend him for the learner’s to take the class and it is definite that you will get your license and also the safe driving skill. Especially people is like me who has their lack of self confidence in their driving. Thank you so much Mustafa sir.
Nimisha Shah
GO FOR Driving lesson !!! from Mukhi Driving School !!! . Mr Mukhi is an EXCELLENT trainer . He makes sure that you learn all the minute rules and revise then again and again Till you are PERFECT !!!Also his advice on when to take the test is CRITICAL . He will make sure that you are fully ready for the exam and YOU WOULD NOT FAIL THE EXAM !!!. Also his prices are best in the Market !!! Go for it Guys !!!
Sandy Singh
I am feeling good after holding my licence. It’s only possible due to you,Thanks for that. Every day I was getting my classes through you was an great experienced for me. Before I start my lesson I was feeling nervous but when I was with u on road I feel great and getting much confidence day by day. I wasn’t feel assured that I will get until I hold my licence in my hand. I think I wasn’t able to achieve this without of you. So to other as well I recommend please get classes with Mustafa he is a very good instructor. Don’t think to get the lesson in the end bcZ u think you are assured about yourself. Start the classes before you the test ask your instructor how far do you think I am, Can I book the test now or not? This would be the best way for everyone. Leave the decision on instructor not on your mind to book the test. Thanks Mukhi and good luck to everyone.
Benazir Shaikh
Am very impressed with the first lesson. Very professional and on time compared to last lessons I’ve had. I am now confident that I will pass the test. Thank you!
I just wanted to send you an email to thank and acknowledge the wonderful service of my driving instructor Mr.Mukhi. He was patient and encouraging and made driving less of a scary prospect! His sense of humour was a welcome distraction and his faith in my ability was just as important. I wanted to let you know about my experience as I thought the feedback might be useful.I now have my license and have your team and especially Mukhi to thank for it.




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