With our tailored lesson guides and a sizable amount of price plans choose Mukhi Driving School to put your mind at ease and let you concentrate on the road. Our priority is to help you become a safe and confident driver in order for you to pass your test. Whether you're a complete beginner or just require a quick refresher session to brush up your skills, we  provide a range of the best driving lessons in Sydney; each carefully designed lesson will help you to achieve your driving licence in the quickest possible time.

Learner Drivers

So you think it is time for you to learn to drive? Whether you are Seventeen or seventy, learning to drive can be a daunting experience to begin with; nevertheless our qualified instructors will make sure that you have a very enjoyable and interesting learning experience. If you are only a beginner no problem! We assist learners who do not have any driving experience by teaching them all the basics of driving then gradually developing their confidence to eventually become a safe driver lifelong.

At Mukhi Driving School, we make the learning process easy for our learners by providing proper guidance on vehicle controls such as effective steering and braking as well as on manoeuvres, road positioning, decision making, hazard perception and response, road rules, traffic signs etc. Each of our lessons is fully structured as per NSW RMS requirements. We will build up your confidence and make you feel easy behind the wheels.

Overseas Licence Conversions

At Mukhi Driving School, we assist overseas licence holders to obtain a NSW licence by highlighting the necessary skills and driving techniques required to pass the test. Training the students to become familiar with the road rules, Manoeuvres- reverse parking, three point turn, angle parking, kerbside parking  and the RMS test routes

Driving Test Preparation

Our qualified driving instructors fully prepare you for your practical driving test. We will help you build up your confidence before the test and give you proper guidance to improve your driving skills. We will teach you all the skills required for manoeuvres such as kerb side stopping, three point turn and parallel reverse parking as per the actual RMS driving test requirements and assessment criteria; covering each little details. Also read our Tips for Passing Driving Test.

Pre Driving Test Assessment

Mukhi Driving School instructors are highly qualified and RMS accredited instructors. This means that they are familiar with all the requirements and assessment criteria to pass your driving test and get your licence.

Book a Pre Driving Test Assessment with us today in which we assess you just like the actual test. We use the relevant RMS test route for your test drive; you are assessed on your driving skills and provided with a score indicating whether you are ready for your licence. We shall then advise you of where you need to improve and a training plan is set accordingly.  Do not worry! We are there for you. Some of our learners have scored 100% on their practical driving test and you may be the next!

Keys2drive Free Lesson

Keys2drive is an Australian Government funded driver safety program which provides learner drivers and their parent/supervisor with a free lesson by an accredited driving instructor. Mukhi Driving School is proud to be involved in keys2drive with accredited keys2drive instructors. A keys2drive lesson can be booked at any time throughout a learners driving journey however it is most recommended during the beginner stages so that what is learnt can be incorporated into the driving instruction process.

To book your free keys2drive lesson you need to register at You will then be issued with an id number which you must quote when you book your lesson.  You can then call us on 0422 745 299 to book your keys2drive lesson.  For further information on the keys2drive program visit

Refresher Courses

Want to brush up on your skills? Take our Refresher Lesson to help you get back into the swing of things. Refresher Driving Lessons are ideal for those drivers wanting to brush up on their driving skills or who have not driven for a while, also good if you have recently failed your test and we'll help book your new test and provide you with a vehicle.

Nervous Learners

Mukhi Driving School driver trainers specialize in the provision of quality tuition with special considerations given to students who require additional time to become safer and more confident drivers.  The driving lessons are conducted at a pace suitable for each individual. We provide special instructions to the nervous learners by assessing their driving weaknesses and helping them improve their driving abilities

Motorway Driving

This is ideal for those wanting to gain extra confidence in their motorway driving abilities. If you hold a driving license, we offer motorway tuition to help build up confidence on fast roads safely.

Our office is open 7 Days so you can call us 0422745299 anytime (  Even Weekends and Late evenings ) to discuss how to get started lesson, special offers, packages etc.

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