Pre Test Assessment is play a vital role for every learners just before test. Why you not choose our pre test preparation lesson which makes you confident to get your licence first go. Mukhi Driving School instructors are highly qualified and RMS accredited instructors. This means that they are familiar with all the requirements and assessment criteria to pass your driving test and get your licence. Book a Pre Driving Test Assessment with us today in which we assess you just like the actual test. We use the relevant RMS test route for your test drive; you are assessed on your driving skills and provided with a score indicating whether you are ready for your licence. We shall then advise you of where you need to improve and a training plan is set accordingly. Do not worry! We are there for you. Some of our learners have scored 100% on their practical driving test and you may be the next! We practice around the areas where RMS testing officers will conduct a practical driving test Our instructor expertise in Silverwater, Blacktown and Penrith Service NSW Driving Test centre. Driving School Near Me; call us 0479 135 876 anytime (even weekends and late evenings). We can discuss how to get started, lessons, special offers, pricing etc. Or you can book online, request a call back or send us a text!




100% Score

  • Robert Bell
    Robert Bell
  • Waqas
  • Munnavar Maredia
    Munnavar Maredia
  • Nishi Pathak
    Nishi Pathak
  • Soumaiya Amaan
    Soumaiya Amaan
  • Mitchell
  • Darpan Poul
    Darpan Poul
  • Caire Hua
    Caire Hua
  • Zeynep Haliloglu
    Zeynep Haliloglu
  • Ketul Shah
    Ketul Shah
  • Vidhi Patel
    Vidhi Patel
  • Fasiha Rose
    Fasiha Rose
  • Navroop Singh
    Navroop Singh
  • Marian Chandrasekara
    Marian Chandrasekara
  • Arjun Kathuria
    Arjun Kathuria
  • 15 Jason Kang
    15 Jason Kang
  • 16 Vincent Matongo
    16 Vincent Matongo
  • 17 Anthony
    17 Anthony
  • 18 Neetha Nayak
    18 Neetha Nayak
  • 20 Upninder Singh
    20 Upninder Singh
  • 19 Devan
    19 Devan