So you think it is time for you to learn to drive? Whether you are Seventeen or seventy, learning to drive can be a daunting experience to begin with; nevertheless our qualified instructors will make sure that you have a very enjoyable and interesting learning experience. If you are only a beginner no problem! We assist learners who do not have any driving experience by teaching them all the basics of driving then gradually developing their confidence to eventually become a safe driver lifelong. At Mukhi Driving School, we make the learning process easy for our learners by providing proper guidance on vehicle controls such as effective steering and braking as well as on manoeuvres, road positioning, decision making, hazard perception and response, road rules, traffic signs etc. Each of our lessons is fully structured as per NSW RMS requirements. We will build up your confidence and make you feel easy behind the wheels. Driving School Near Me; call us 0479 135 876 anytime (even weekends and late evenings). We can discuss how to get started, lessons, special offers, pricing etc. Or you can book online, request a call back or send us a text!




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    Robert Bell
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