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We are one of the Sydney’s fastest growing driving schools. Over the years the school has taught hundreds of people to drive safely. We are well known and respected in the local community for our professionalism and  high pass rates. Over 70% of our customers have been personally recommended to us by friends or family who previously passed with us. Our satisfied customers recommend us again and again.


Driving lessons can be a daunting experience to begin with; however they are important for discovering new found confidence and lifelong safe driving. Mukhi Driving School aims to ensure that our students make a swift transition from getting into a car and driving first time to loving driving and passing your test. Mukhi Driving School will provide you with the opportunity to experience the freedom that many drivers enjoy on the road today. To ensure that all our learner drivers find the process fun and memorable, our driving instructors offer a refreshing approach to driving tuition that will make you feel relaxed and eager to get on the road!


Mukhi Driving School Driver Trainers understand that the requirements vary from student to student, which is why we focus on the particular needs of individual students. This is achieved by reviewing the student’s driving and evaluating specific driving needs. We provide Log book guidance and also organize practice tests so you can practice under actual test conditions, making you well prepared! Learning to drive with Mukhi Driving School will take the stress off parents experiencing the teaching process with their beginner learners.


 When you learn to drive with Mukhi Driving School you can be assured you’ll enjoy instructions from one of the Sydney's finest automatic driving instruction. Mukhi Driving School can arrange convenient pickup at students home, workplace or school. We also offer Intensive Driving Courses, Low Risk Driving Courses and Standard Lessons seven days a week. Our standard driving lesson is 60 minutes and may be extended if required. Our fully qualified instructors will be able to provide a professional driving tuition plan to meet your needs.


 So, why wait? We are only a phone call away…. Please call 0422745299 or you can book online.




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